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SEO represents the term search engine optimization.” It is the method of having  traffic from the “free,” organic and natural,” way by having top ranking for your keywords in search results which benefit in an increase in traffic .search engine optimization  is  very much essential. SEO  helps you to position your website in top rankings and higher results so your website can be found in the relevant search results it is optimized for.As google and other search engines have the aim to provide the searchers with best possible results. So the effort of making google understand your content and website in a better way is called SEO or website SEO.

SEO consists of two basic elements  which need both technical and innovative skills  to enhance the exposure to boost rankings, get traffic, and improve your website for search engines ranking . There are numerous elements of SEO, from the content in your site to  the way in which different internet sites link to your profile or website.  SEO is merely a subject of creating positive changes to your internet site and organizing it in such a way that search engines understand it in a better way.

Types Of Web-Site SEO | White Hat Seo | Black Hat Seo

The process of getting an internet site in the  top SERPs,Through the procedure utilizing and adopting  the right, method,  you gain visibility and better position resulting in an increase, of visitors and potential clients to your site.The effort simply SEO .The process of having this done is going to be discussed below.
The types of SEO are basically on page and off page.
on page requires, you taking care of your website  through these steps
1.content optimization
2.interlinking of the pages on your internet site
3.creating  and submitting a website map for Google bot to crawl and index the information and categories on your internet site.

off page requires that you create backlinks through the following  on another site pointing towards yours :
1. forums commenting along with your signature
2.Blog commenting together with your site link
3.Guest posting
4.article and Directory submission bookmarking site link building and content sharing.

off page could be done in two ways using  black hat or white hat SEO tactics distinguished below:

1.White-Hat Seo :

The most result oriented and ethical   SEO technique and is one which takes measure  and chooses methods and techniques to improve search engine rankings of a website which do not cross the ethical  search engine guidelines. Some of the techniques and methods which white hat SEO makes use building  high-quality content management, natural link building campaigns supported by high-quality  keyword based content with relevant platforms, the website on page optimization and URL  restructuring as well as building internal link structure.  This method of SEO can give you better rankings and long-term benefits in terms of optimization  then you can expect a gradual change  leading you to the top.


1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first important step which should be taken before starting your online project. While you can have a huge competition  with keywords in paid search campaigns, so we shall be very careful and shall target the keywords which will give us maximum traffic and exposure. This is important while building yours on page content and URL structure. Now, what are the keywords? These are the terms and phrases used by the searchers for the same term according to their perception and a need for what they are searching for.We take an example of a group of people searching for the same thing like they want to buy a cat but let’s see what can they possibly type :

cheap cats

Persian cat

cats for sale

cats on sale

Now here we can see people searching for the same thing but with different key phrases according to their need and desire.These are known as keywords.Now moving on to the next point that how shall one find the keywords and which keywords shall he target?

The answer and solution to this, a very handy and extremely powerful free tool by google know as keyword research tool by which you can find out the number and volume of searches conducted for a specific keyword worldwide or in a particular country.Google trends is also another very powerful tool which shows you the trend for a keyword in a specific country and people’s interest in it with a timely graph.


2. Content Writing On Page:


While writing content now you shall follow this simple formula :


The Url structure is very important and shall contain your main keyword you want to rank for like if I want to rank for the term SEO services in lahore then my URL shall look like this :


Content is the king is rightly said as an aim of google or other search engines is mainly to provide the people with most relevant and the result which answers their query.So writing good content focusing on the matter writing in the way it has a good readability score ,explaining things in points to make it simple and more useful.Implementing H1 h2 h3 tags as required to the part of the content to be highlighted in accordance with its importance.Keywords shall appear in the content naturally, no specific keyword density is required , no need for keyword stuffing let it be natural.All these points will help you achieve the target for building a nice useful content for the readers as well as google ranking.

content is the king


3.Title and Description


Title tags are  that appear at the top of your browser.These are like the main header of your shop or your business, services . It tells searchers and search engines what your page is about.

Title tags can effect on your ranking they tell the google what your page is about and show  up in the search results. The title tag should contain important keywords people are looking for as it makes them decide whether to choose your website or not.

format title tags with proper length and how they visibly look in search results plus with a unique description for the search term so users find it valuable and choose your website.You can use rich snippet tool for this purpose.


4.Inbound links

Internal links are links that go from one page on a website  to a different page of  the same website  They are mostly used for main navigation and to provide a user-friendly experience.These links strengthen the website within itself showing the relevance of the subject.

These type of links are useful for three reasons:

  • links which allow users to navigate through the website.

  • links which establish relevance within the website.

  • spread link juice within or around websites.

Internal links are most useful for establishing site`internal link structure and spreading link juice plus providing the user-friendly user experience.


5.Generating Site Map :

A sitemap plays a vital role in crawlers to index your site in a better way and more effective search results and relevance.A sitemap is like a roadmap which indicates the route from the main title to various subcategories and helps google understand the relationship between the links.A sitemap can be generated using various free sitemap generation sites and can be uploaded to google via google webmaster tools.

6.webaster tools:

Google search console comes with a lot of useful tools to determine the effectiveness and success of you website,it provides you with the all the important data you need for you website success in the search engines.It provides you with the useful data like:

  • search traffic
  • impression
  • queries for keywords
  • pages
  • countries
  • CTR

google webmaster tools provide you with a lot of valuable tools you can use to index your web pages,demote the pages with error,improve your search visibility by setting campaigns , demoting unnecessary URLS,It also helps you fight any attempt of spammy links on your website.You can access google webmaster tools here.

search console preview google search console

7.External Quality Backlinks:

External quality backlinks are very important for your site to rank in the top position.These links shall be from natural and quality websites with your description from different prospectives which helps google to understand your website and achieve top ranking.To gain trust and build your community 2.0 and social backlinks to your site plays a vital role.other sources which can give you ranking as well as traffic are:








All these links will help you build a trust level in search engines and your community as well.Always write quality content and description for links.Try to write quality articles and press releases to gain better position,don’t buy spammy backlinks from people claiming that they are selling high-quality backlinks .GOOGLE has ended the war of PR i guess so keep contributing quality work for better ranking and more impressions in search results.

8.Business Verification

Try to get your business or services verified by google in order to gain a higher trust level by your clients and customers.You can apply for google business verification code online and wait for you to receive the code via postal mail verifying your address to gain more credibility and a level of trust from your verefication card



At last, we will discuss black-hat SEO and how it can affect your website :

Black-Hat-SEO | Tactics | Risks

The following black hat practices can put for a website into great risk and will never get your online  business or website anywhere as . Matt Cutts clearly explains that the web spam team at Google is very serious about the spammers and to provide people with quality search results.So avoid following tactics used by black hat SEO :

  1. Paid Links
  2. Spam Accounts
  3. Key Word Stuffing
  4. Duplicate Content
  5. Cloaking
  6. DoorWay Pages
  7. Invisible Text

black hat SEO can be very harmful to your website as sooner or later google algorithm will catch any spammy tactics and your website will be penalized sooner or later.I hope this gives you a clear vision about website SEO.











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